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Vincent Shiwei WANG

Updated: Nov 12, 2022


An empathetic, fully vaccinated, intuitive and experienced practitioner.

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCM.P.) in British Columbia, Hong

Kong and Mainland China with 10+ years experience in public hospitals and community

multidisciplinary clinic centers.

Capable of treating and managing various kinds of pain-related diseases, reproductive and hormone imbalance, concussions, mental health, digestive issues and more by acupuncture, cupping or (and) herbal medicine.

If you are looking to book in and find no availability, please add yourself to his waitlist as he is happy to fit you in before or after a shift.

Tet: 778-325-4669
Booking On-line Working Sites:

Wui King Herbal Co Ltd

5837 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

The Village Community Acupuncture

2625 Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z5

PainFree Chinese Medicine Healthcare Center

6493 Malvern Ave, Burnaby

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