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Preserving health using Chinese Medicine

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Traditional Chinese medicine health care refers to a medical activity that uses various methods to maintain life, enhance physical fitness, and prevent diseases, so as to achieve longevity.It focuses on holistic and systematic perspective, and the purpose is to prevent disease and cure disease before it occurs. 中醫養生,是指通過不同方法來頤養天年、增強體質、預防疾病,達到延年益壽的一種醫事活動。中醫養生重在整體性和系統性,目的是預防疾病,治未病。

Traditional Chinese medicine health care mainly includes preventive view, holistic view, balance view, and dialectical view.
1. Prevention before getting sick, and support before getting old. 未病先防、未老先養。
2. Correspondence between heaven and man, with both form and spirit. 天人相應、形神兼具。
3. Adjust yin and yang, make up partiality and remedy malpractice. 調整陰陽、補偏救弊。
4. The movement is constant, harmonious and moderate. 動靜有常、和諧適度。

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